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Wanna be Keen.....

​First we need to evaluate your mad skills.  The Keen of the Beach Leagues consist of Open, A and BB level players.  It is important that we keep a consistant level of play to keep it fun for everyone.  Let's see where you rank....

  •   AA/Open - Players have top level skills in all areas. This is the highest level.  Volleyball Gods!    ​​

  • AAdvanced – Players have excellent ball control, consistent passing, setting, and hitting.  Mostly play 4×4 and 2×2.  

  • BB - Skilled. Players are skilled with good ball handling skills, but are less consistent than the "A" level players. 

Not sure where you RANK?  Schedule a try-out today!  

"New" to the Keen of the Beach scene and want to join?  We build the league on a referral system to keep a consistent level play.  What If you don't know a Keen of the Beach league player for a referral? No sweat!  Register as a "NEW" player and you will be given a 2 week trial period in the league, no dues down.  We can evaluate your level of play and at 2 weeks we can decide if KOTB/QOTB league is for YOU or find you the "perfect team" in Black Rabbit League.    


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