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How we KOTB.....

How do we KOTB?  It's easy!  

  1. You play as an individual.  No team required.

  2. You will play for 1 hour, 3 games to 21.  Rally scoring

  3. Your personal "total" points are tracked each night of the session. 

  4. At the end of 7 weeks all of your points will be tallied.  Your final score will be based on your best 5 total scores of the session.

  5. The Top 16 players will advance to a play-off on the 8th week.   

Keen Cooperation....

  1. We "self-ref" all games.  We are all grown-ups and friends.  Let's play fair and have fun!  

  2. Scorecards are furnished.  We encourage everyone to volunteer to be a scorekeeper at least "once" a session.  Thank you in advance!  

  3. We know you work up a sweat and are thirsty.  Please limit visits to the bar for before and after your match.  Or ask one of the friendly waitstaff to grab you a cold one.  

Got a question?  Contact us at:
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